About Us

KINNO is ashort film festival which is taking place in hotels, on their dedicated TV channel. We love to say that our partner hotels have now (thanks to our festival) all rooms with a view – a view to the outstanding international short stories that are not taking place outside the window of their room, but in front of their eyes, inside the room.

As you know, many hotels have their dedicated TV channel where they are broadcasting a short commercial video about their venue, offers, menus, facilities or surrounding attractions. As you also know, the tourists are changing the channel in the next second after they turn on the TV on this specific in-room information channel. The reason why tourists are not interested in watching this program is simple: the content is too repetitive. So we came with a solution to make this program more interesting for the hotel guests: KINNO, the short film festival or the short film TV for hotel dedicated in-room TV channels.

KINNO is a permanent showcase of the newest awarded short films from all over the world. It is taking place in hotels which have a dedicated TV channel. The KINNO program plays on a continuous loop in each room of our partner hotels.

KINNO includes Comedy, Drama, Horror, Fantasy/Sci-Fi, Narrative, Student, Children, Animation, Documentary, Experimental, Music Video, Mini Short, Mobile Phone, No/Low Budget, Amateur, Series (Web/TV), Fashion, Commercial/Ad/TVC, Stop-Motion/Time-Lapse short films.

KINNO gives filmmakers the chance to show their films on a dedicated channel in every room of our partner hotels. Selected filmmakers have a 6 months, public venue in which to showcase their films. Hotel guests can enjoy the films at their leisure, can comment on the films, choose their favorites and contact the filmmakers for copies or for collaboration.