KINNO for Hotels

We started this project because we want to offer filmmakers an extra opportunity to screen their films. For hotels it is a good thing to be promoted among filmmakers because they are traveling very often with their films in festivals all over the world. So if their next destination will be your city we are pretty sure they will choose your hotel maybe just for this little reason, to check their film on your TV channel.

We want to broadcast short films on hotel internal TV channels.  

All year long, with 2 different programs per year.

We will offer the opportunity to have their films broadcasted in hotels to 100-150 multi awarded short films from more than 70 countries.

We are creating thematic clips (like narrative, documentary, animation etc) where we include all the selected awarded short films for each category. So at the end of the day, the hotel will not have 150 videos. It will have just 10 clips or less. The total duration of the clips will be no longer than 12-24 hours.  The idea is to broadcast these clips in loop, so every day the films will repeat, but in a different order.
We are broadcasting these films for 6 months.
We are printing a programme brochure with details about the films and put them in all rooms, so the hotel guests could check the list of the broadcasted films.
We are promoting the list of the films and the venues/hotels on our website.

For more info feel free to contact us.